The Winners – Category E-MTBs

Serious, competitive, and performance-orientated E-MTBs are still in their infancy, but their evolution is on a steep upward tangent. The many global players who want a piece of the pie have invested a ton of their resources into development, leading to drastic advancements in the performance of E-MTBs. The fundamental aspect of motor function has now been eclipsed by stringent technical (and often visual) issues of integration when considering the bike’s entire concept. All of the components should work in harmony, forming one unit with the frame – and together, their aim is to transform your ride into unrestricted fun with ultimate safety and stability. Manufacturers have looked to new materials to meet these aims, and carbon’s role is getting bigger. Then there are intelligent approaches to the battery integration, the advent of plus-size tires, and the development of E-MTB-specific parts. As E-MTBs get smarter and the world gets more connected, we’re starting to see indications of their true potential, exploring how they’re able to link with the digital world. Even today, the most advanced bikes sport a blend of technologies that allow them to tackle almost limitless demands. These latest models refuse to be confined to conventional mountain bike categories – and given the complexities surrounding their technologies (not to mention blurry legal grounds), uniform standards and consistency are more important than ever. This is why the industry need to step up and respond; there’s a need for cooperation, a need to work together on a sustainable future for E-MTBs. We need a future that is understandable, accessible, and sustainable for consumers. After originating as part of the Design & Innovation Award, this vision for the future is exactly what the E-MOUNTAINBIKE THINK TANK aims to explore.

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