The Winners – Category Tourism

Bike tourism is booming! However, this is a new era; these are the days when spectacular views, fun trails, and legendary passes aren’t enough to guarantee a successful riding vacation. This new generation of jet-setting cycling enthusiasts – be it road, mountain bike, E-MTB, or even urban – demand far more stringent standards. In the current media-rich landscape, each tourism destination is facing the biggest hurdle to date: how to offer a unique experience that attracts riders to their shores, mountainsides, or streets? The tourism category awards innovative approaches to services and products within the tourism industry. These include wide-reaching concepts that present visitors with unique experiences both on- and offline, as well as ones that immerse and orientate the visitor in the destination and offer long-lasting benefits. In Europe, there’s huge possibility for growth within E-MTB travel. The potential offered by this group of holidaymakers is almost limitless, especially during the warmer months. E-MTBing doesn’t just break down the barriers of age and ability with its all-inclusive nature, but could arguably also become the summer equivalent of skiing. This exciting new sector is where we expect to see the biggest changes in the future.