All Winner 2023 Components (Offroad)

ACID Handlebar Mount for KIOX 300

The ACID Kiox 300 mount ensures maximum flexibility when mounting a Bosch Kiox 300 display on your e-bike, making vulnerable exposed displays a thing of the past. The clever design of the compact mount allows you to attach the display closely, either on the side or in front the stem, where it’s less exposed to impacts but still easy to read – an exciting upgrade, both for eMTBers and urban riders. The mount is built to the highest standards and suitable both for 31.8 mm and 35 mm handlebars. Installation is quick and straightforward and can be performed easily at home, whether you’re an experienced spanner monkey or total newbie. As a result, the ACID Handlebar Mount is an excellent yet inexpensive upgrade for ebikes with Bosch motors, which helps protect the display and also improves the aesthetics of your bike. Retail price is € 25, which is peanuts considering that it could potentially prevent the expensive display from breaking.

Price: € 24.95
Weight: 29 g