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ACID universal bottle cage

No matter the size of your bike, whether you’re left- or right-handed, the universal bottle cage from ACID allows almost everyone to ride with a water bottle, as long as your frame has got the required bosses. The universal bottle cage uses an innovative mounting rail, allowing you to adjust the angle of the cage by 130°. This allows you to attach the bottle cage with the opening either pointing up, to the left or to the right, whichever way is easiest to remove the bottle. This is particularly useful for small, asymmetric or ebike frames, where the front triangle is often so cramped that the only way to remove the water bottle is sideways. The bottle cage also keeps both small and large bottles securely in place, regardless of whether you’re ploughing through roots, hucking to flat or just leaning your bike carelessly against a fence post. That said, removing and reinserting the bottle is easy. To top it off, ACID make the bottle cage out of recycled plastic to protect the environment and price it fairly, which should make every rider happy.

Price: € 19.95 | Weight: 39 g