All Winner 2022 Equipment (Offroad)

adidas | Five Ten 5.10 Flooce Wind Jacket

The adidas Five Ten Flooce windbreaker is the perfect companion for cold days on the bike with an innovative, environmentally friendly twist. The adidas Five Ten Flooce fabric is neither brushed nor sheared. Instead, the micro-loops remain a part of the main material. Compared to conventional adidas fleece products, fewer fibers are released into the environment as microplastics when wearing and washing the garment The jacket is made primarily of recycled material. The outer material on the chest and extended back keeps out wind and light rain. The jacket features a sporty cut and can be worn comfortably while riding thanks to the stretchy fabric. The hood fits under your helmet while the sleeves have elastic cuffs and are loose-fitting enough to accommodate elbow pads. It has three zippered pockets so that you can easily carry small items when you ride. This makes the Flooce jacket the perfect companion for windy days on the trail and even when you aren’t riding.

Price: € 140 | Weight: 350 g
Available in August 2022