All Winner 2023 Equipment (Offroad)

Aeroe 11L Quick Mount Pod

The Aeroe 11L Quick Mount Pod attaches to aeroe’s spider rear rack and is the ideal companion for rough terrain and unpleasant weather. The Uni-Mount attachment allows you to secure and remove the pod quickly and easily using just one hand. At the same time, it allows you to position the bags at different angles to suit dropper post use, full-suspension use, rider preferences and always ensures a stable fit. The Pod has a hard back design so you can robustly carry spare E-MTB batteries and any other gear with ease. Both the material and zippers are waterproof, keeping your belongings nice and dry. The all-round zipper makes it easy to load the pod: just place your items in the open bag, lash them down with the built-in straps and close the zip again. The Quick Mount Pod is compatible with the manufacturer’s Spider Rack luggage, which has already secured an award in last year’s Design & Innovation Award.

Price: € 119.95
Weight: 720 g