All Winner 2022 Equipment (Offroad) Equipment (Road)

Aeroe Spider Rear Rack

Do you ride to work every day with a backpack because your bike doesn’t have rack mounts? Aeroe have the solution for you: the Spider Rear Rack, which will fit every bike, even eMTBs! Thanks to the quick-release fastener, the rack can be used universally and mounted on steel, aluminium and carbon frames. Even oval tubing presents no obstacle to the Spider Rear Rack! With a maximum load of 16 kg, it is perfectly suited to the intended field of use and can be loaded with various bags thanks to a 90° rotating mechanism and different mounts. Installation is very easy and can be done quickly with just an Allen key. The Aeroe rack even copes with easy off-road trails without swaying. The jury’s verdict was therefore clear: the well-thought-out and innovative implementation of the Aeroe Spider Rear Rack is novel and offers direct added value for all those who want to load their bike if they don’t have any mounts!

Price: € 119.99 | Weight: 979 g