Equipment (Offroad)

AMPLIFI E-Track 17

Having set themselves the task of designing the ultimate backpack for e-mountain bikers to transport a spare battery, the team at AMPLIFI have produced the innovative E-Track. A neoprene pocket sits directly above the centre of the backpack, ensuring the weight of the battery is spread evenly across the shoulders and eliminating any irritating bouncing while riding. The design works, and even with a heavy battery inside it the E-Track retains comfort in every situation. There’s also an SAS-TEC protector integrated into the back to minimise any damage caused in the event of a crash. With its € 200 price tag, this backpack also displays wisely positioned pockets, faultless manufacturing, and great ventilation. In short: the AMPLIFI E-Track is not only a clever and comfortable way to carry a second battery, but it can also be seen as pioneering in its mission to tackle very specific E-MTB issues.

Weight: 1548 g (incl. protector) | Price: € 200