All Winner 2020 Road Bikes

Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc 15th Anniversary Edition

With the Gallium Pro Disc 15th Anniversary Edition, Argon 18 combine the elegant look of a classic road bike with cutting edge technologies, clever detailed solutions and high-quality workmanship. Standout features of the sporty racer are its defined handling and modern geometry, which give the bike an agile yet composed character. In other words, the Gallium Pro Disc 15th combines being nimble, efficient and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for pro athletes and committed weekend warriors alike. The classic diamond frame is beautifully finished and assembled by hand to the highest standards. Moreover, Argon let you choose the spec according to your personal needs and preferences. As with other bikes in the Canadian brand’s range, the Gallium Pro Disc uses its in-house 3D+ system. This threaded insert allows you to adjust the head tube height to get your handlebar position dialled without unsightly spacers. The convincing concept of the Gallium Pro Disc 15th combines a classic silhouette, modern features and first-class performance. We’ll let you into a secret – it’s already on the birthday wishlist of some of our jury’s members.

Weight: 7.2 kg (size L) I Price: from € 5,380