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BACH Dr. Duffel 40

It’s no coincidence that the BACH Dr. Duffel 40’s closing mechanism is reminiscent of a classic doctor’s bag – after all, that’s exactly what inspired this well-thought-out space-saver. A design that has proven itself for countless doctors in the field will hardly be a hindrance to high-speed travel! It should be no surprise that the robust Cordura bag is dimensioned to fit the hand luggage restrictions exactly. With its large opening, it can be easily filled and thanks to its light-coloured interior, you can quickly find everything you have stowed inside. If you do have to rummage to find small items, it’s nice to know that nothing will fall out – the volume increases considerably with the “wings” open. A practical quick access panel on the side means you don’t always have to open the whole bag up. The BACH Dr. Duffel can also be carried as a backpack. While it’s not intended for longer hikes, it keeps your hands free for short sprints to the station.

Price: € 149.90 | Weight: 1,173 g