All Winner 2022 Components (Offroad)

Beast Components Flat Bar [2.0]

The Flat Bar [2.0] from Beast Components is the ideal handlebar for anything from cross-country to trail bikes and is fully compatible with all brake clamps. The forces exerted by some of the latest brake lever clamps are ill-suited to the properties of carbon handlebars. The Flat Bar [2.0] accounts for this by resorting to a special polyester prepreg fleece in the relevant areas and an appropriate carbon layup that is better able to distribute the pressure. Together, these measures protect the handlebar from deforming, denting and, ultimately, failing. The handlebar can withstand brake clamp torques of up to 6 Nm, which is twice as much as ordinary carbon handlebars, so you can mount your brake levers safely and securely. As a result, if you prefer to torque up your brake, you’ll have more confidence in your bike and the brakes stay where they belong. Despite all this, the handlebar is pleasantly compliant and exceptionally light nonetheless, weighing in at 178 g. As usual from Beast Components, the handlebars are handmade entirely in Germany and feature a top-notch finish. They come with a subtle black finish or an extravagant clear-coated carbon in a colour of your choice.

Price: € 219.90–€ 299.90 | Weight: 178 g