All Winner 2022 Components (Offroad)

Beast Components Riser Bar [2.0]

The Riser Bar [2.0] carbon handlebar from Beast Components is made for the toughest enduro tracks and downhill use, capable of holding its own where other carbon handlebars fail. Many brake levers on the market use narrow clamps that aren’t perfectly round, concentrating the clamping forces on small surface areas. Designing the clamps this way leads to poor load distribution and can damage carbon handlebars by making dents. The Riser Bar [2.0] prevents this with a special polyester prepreg fleece and appropriate carbon layup. It can withstand up to 6 Nm torque on brake clamps, which is twice as much as an ordinary carbon handlebar can handle. As such, when you have to tighten your brake levers on the trail without a torque wrench, you won’t easily run the risk of damaging the handlebar. Despite the increased durability, the Riser Bar remains in the flyweight category, topping the scales at just 174 to 234 g, depending on the model. The handlebars are handmade entirely in Germany and add a special touch to any bike with their perfect finish. They’re available in a wide range of widths, a 31.8 or 35 mm diameter and 15, 25 or 35 mm rise. You’re sure to find a Riser Bar that suits your needs.

Price: € 219.90–€ 299.90 | Weight: 180 g–212 g