All Winner 2019 Components (Road)

Beast Saddle

Beast is an innovative start-up from Dresden, offering an exciting range of products for design-oriented carbon enthusiasts. The saddles are handmade in Germany, come in two variants and are much more than just good-looking. As uncomfortable as they may seem at first, the comfort offered by the flexible carbon saddle is surprising. Super-light carbon saddles are often rather small, but the Beast saddle with its generous dimensions offers a large enough surface to sit on. This is also the biggest difference between the Pure saddle and the leather saddle Grip: The suede upholstery of the leather saddle generates more friction, while the mirror-polished surface of the Pure allows the rider to slide freely forward or backwards – whatever your personal preferences. Only the 90 kg rider weight restriction could limit the potential clientele. Technically sophisticated, surprisingly comfortable and a feast for the eyes!

Weight: from 96 g (Pure Saddle), from 102 g (Leather Saddle) | Price: from € 199.90