All Winner 2023 Gravel Bikes

BMC Kaius

The latest addition to the Swiss brand’s gravel portfolio, the BMC Kaius, is a purist’s gravel race bike. The 7.52 kg racing machine wants to be ridden fast and is focused on performance – the faster you ride it, the more stable it becomes. And no matter the pace you ride, you’ve always got full control over the bike with your hands in the drops. At the same time, the beautifully integrated aero cockpit encourages the rider into an aerodynamic riding position. While the bike yearns for speed, it excels in terms of ergonomics and comfort, too, as it does a good job of dampening small vibrations. And it’s not just the performance, but also the aesthetics of the bike that won us over: it seems as if it’s made of one piece, and the consistent, cross-component paint job underlines the clean look of the carbon frame. The integration is spot on: there are no cables to be seen and even the ends of the thru axles are covered up.

Price: € 11,499
Weight: 7.40 kg in size 54