All Winner 2021 Mountainbikes

BMC Twostroke 01 ONE

With the Twostroke 01 One, the product developers at BMC Switzerland are going new ways. For the development of this extravagant hardtail, they let insights and influences from downhill and enduro feed into the modern geometry of the frame. The sporty and stretched riding position together with the short stem lend the hardtail direct handling and reduce the over the bars feeling on steep terrain. The Twostroke combines comfort with efficient pedalling and stability with plenty of agility. Thus, it inspires with driving fun on trails and speed on cross-country and marathon routes. The excellent riding characteristics are packaged in a futuristic-looking frame with a distinct silhouette that underlines the key elements of the bike just looking at it: performance, speed and fun!

Price: € 3,999 | Weight: 9.50 kg