All Winner 2022 Gravel Bikes


The BMC URS doesn’t just impress with its mustard yellow guise but, much more important, with its Micro Travel Technology. This turns the URS into an unassuming full-suspension gravel bike with a discreet look (well, apart from the colour). The 20mm HiRide-suspension-equipped fork dispenses with the obvious attributes of a suspension fork such as stanchions and instead moves the suspension gubbins to the bottom of the steerer tube. You can adjust the damping via a dial where a top cap would usually be. At the rear, elastomers discreetly integrated into the frame generate up to 10 mm of suspension travel, delivering a low-vibration riding experience with increased traction. Thankfully, all this tech delivers on its promise in the real world and generates a very smooth ride with remarkable efficiency for a gravel bike. Brilliant for gravel mile munchers and all those who like to spend a lot of time in the saddle! And of course for fans of the mustard yellow finish.

Price: € 7,999 | Weight: 9.52 kg (size L)