All Winner 2017 Equipment (Offroad)

Bontrager TLS Flash Charger Floor Pump

Up until now there was one major argument against riding tubeless: fitting and seating the tires is bloody hard work – especially if you don’t have a compressor! Fortunately, the TLS Flash Charger floor pump from Bontrager provides the solution. You begin by pressurizing the generously sized air reservoir, then flick the red lever on the top and the high pressure blast of released air will almost instantaneously seat your tire on the rim. Not only have we basically seen a 100% success rate, but the high-quality Flash Charger is also intuitive and simple to use. Compact enough to accompany you on every single bike trip in the boot of the car, this pump is a revolutionary replacement for a compressor.

Weight: 2,839 g | Price: € 129.99