All Winner 2023 Urban

Brompton T Line

A classic reinterpreted. With the T Line, British cult brand Brompton has added a small titan to their portfolio. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Rolls-Royce of folding bikes! The low unladen weight makes the T Line the lightest Brompton ever made. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and materials, which you’re more likely to find in aircraft construction than on a folding bike. Not only does the titanium frame weigh 37% less than its steel counterpart but also provides outstanding shock-absorbing properties, thus ensuring excellent riding comfort. The handlebars, cranks and fork are made of carbon. To ensure that the super-light carbon seat post can stand up to the abuse of daily commutes, Brompton have developed a new process to reinforce the limitations of carbon with a 0.3 mm thick layer of steel armour. When folded, the bike can be effortlessly pushed like a trolley. Brompton’s commuter Titan comes with a 4-speed custom derailleur with the model T Line Urban or as a single-speed drivetrain, the model T Line One.

Price: € 5,025 (Brompton T Line Urban)
Weight: 7.95 kg