All Winner 2024 Gravel Bikes

Canyon Grail CFR

The Canyon Grail CFR is a great example of how true innovation doesn’t always have to come in a fancy package. While at first glance, Canyon’s gravel bike might come across as simple, behind the understated appearance hide countless clever, practical features. The storage compartment in the down tube, for example, is far more than just a cavity in the frame, but rather a complete mini-workshop on wheels with a mini-tool and a puncture kit, which includes a pump, tire levers, CO₂ cartridge and a matching inflator. Everything’s secured inside the compartment and doesn’t rattle while riding – and there’s enough room to stow away a compact TPU inner tube. The storage compartment also houses the battery of the Shimano Di2 drivetrain, which makes it quick and easy to access. The cockpit impresses with excellent ergonomics and features special mounts for aero bars, GPS devices and a neatly integrated lighting system. Last but not least, the Grail CFR is compatible with Canyon’s clever frame bag, which attaches to the frame via three magnetic pins, allowing for easy pit stops while racing. With the Grail CFR, Canyon bring functionality to a whole new level and significantly increase the bike’s range of applications.

Price: € 6,999
Weight: 8.38 kg in size M with the complete tool kit