All Winner 2022 Urban

CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo

The easy handling of an ebike paired with the cargo hauling capacity of a cargo bike: CUBE’s Concept Dynamic Cargo combines the best of both worlds and is one of the highlights of the DI.A 2022. It’s all made possible by an innovative tilting mechanism, allowing the front part of the bike and the rider to lean into corners while keeping the loading area upright with both rear wheels retaining maximum traction on the ground. An artfully integrated differential ensures that both wheels can be driven independently of one another by the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, offering plenty of assistance. The dynamic handling this results in completely redefines tricycles, so much so that you’ll soon forget you’re riding a cargo trike. Compared to some other cargo bike concepts, the front wheel is always visible, which makes it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles, and the Concept Dynamic Cargo retains this intuitive handling even when it’s loaded. This makes the CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo the ideal ebike for cargo bike newbies.

Price: N/A | Weight: 54.2 kg (Weight varies depending on equipment option)