All Winner 2023 Outdoor

deuter Plamort

The deuter Plamort is one of the first fully waterproof MTB backpacks available on the market, making bulky rain covers a relic of the past. The Plamort lives up to its promise, keeping all contents dry on long rides under pouring rain. The material has a significantly denser structure than other waterproof fabrics, ensuring a high level of water resistance and durability, along with a very elegant look. When the Plamort gets dirty, you can easily wipe or hose down the waterproof outer shell material! Several well-thought-out details, like the waterproof mobile phone side compartment, make the Plamort a practical adventure companion. However, we would have loved a more organised interior compartment with several partitions to match the well-though-out outer shell, which would also make it easier to secure the optional drinking bladder. The looser fit makes the Plamort more of a touring backpack than a companion for rowdy trail sessions. However, on tour, it’s an excellent companion for long days in the saddle and doesn’t mind getting wet.

Price: € 130
Weight: 519 g