Equipment (Offroad)

dirtlej dirtsuit classic

The Dirtsuit Classic designed by dirtlej is a sophisticated piece of kit that substitutes a rain jacket and waterproof trousers. Able to survive the worst that Mother Nature can throw at us, this one-piece may initially be met with derision, but its performance speaks volumes. The Award jury were unanimous about its worth as soon as they encountered mud and rain on the bike. The Dirtlej Classic effectively deflects bad weather conditions and prevents anything from permeating in the once common gap between jersey and shorts. With a generous zipped vent, you can freely adjust to the conditions while riding. (The fit is snug, so even with the stretchy inserts it’s worth going up a size.) Once a ride is finished, you won’t risk trampling dirt through the house or onto the car seat, as you can simply shed the one-piece and stow it away for cleaning. The Dirtsuit Light is dirtlej’s more affordable offering.

Weight: 440 g | Price: € 199