All Winner 2021 Equipment (Offroad)

Dirtlej Dirtsuit Kids Edition

The Dirtlej Dirtsuit Kids Edition is the first waterproof onesie that’s made specifically for young mountain bikers. It benefits from a child-friendly cut which can grow with your kids thanks to adjustable trouser legs. It doesn’t lag behind its grown-up counterpart: mud, rain, wind and cold won’t be able to find a way in, meaning that layers underneath stay dryer for longer in bad weather. That lets kids brave the elements and have more fun in horrible conditions. The Dirtsuit is easy for parents, or kids themselves, to put on and the fitted hood will go over a helmet. To the delight of parents, the Dirtsuit can be easily cleaned with a garden hose after an outing – mud and wet won’t even make it into the house. That’s helped by the generous trouser legs which let the suit be taken on and off over shoes. The Dirtsuit Kids Edition encourages more time spent in the outdoors and ensures parents and kids will have more fun biking in a mud bath!

Price: € 199 | Weight: 719 g