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Ergon GS1 EVO

With the GS1 EVO grips, ergonomics experts Ergon are determined to redefine not only riding comfort and control, but also the concept of sustainability. Ergon’s GS1 EVO grips are produced entirely in Germany and largely made of recycled plastics. As part of the GreenLab initiative, which has been an integral part of the company’s philosophy since 2010, the packaging of the GS1 EVO is reduced to the bare minimum. In addition to reducing packaging waste, Ergon’s sustainability strategy also includes saving 1.5 million pieces of outer plastic packaging in 2023. Any outer packaging that is still required is size-optimised, and the production process is 95% waste-free. However, we shouldn’t forget about the benefits of the actual grips, which are available in three colours and two sizes. The Ergon GS1 EVO are ergonomically shaped, relieving pressure on the ulnar nerve, preventing numbness and making long rides more comfortable. In addition, the grips comply with the TÜV Toy Mark certification and are therefore free of harmful substances.

Price: € 39.95
Weight: Small 160 g, Large 180 g