All Winner 2022 Components (Road)

Ergon SR Allroad Core Pro Men

Ergon are known for their ergonomically shaped saddles and the new SR Allroad Core Pro Men sets a new standard for modern road, all-road and gravel rides. At the heart of the special Core HD saddle construction is BASF’s Infinergy material that acts to damp vibrations. The closed-cell E-TPU foam has a high level of damping and effectively prevents pressure points. The gain in comfort is enormous and makes pedalling in the saddle and on rough surfaces much more pleasant. The jury was thrilled! The foam doesn’t simply give way but provides support with a sporty, firm feel while absorbing shocks at the same time. When climbing in the hills, the slightly raised saddle tail helps keep you in place and the grip of material used for the saddle surface prevents unintentional slipping. The pressure relief channel effectively reduces numbness in the perineal area. Of course, you should always test a saddle yourself before buying it, though the jury agreed that the Ergon SR Allroad Core Pro Men will represent a meaningful comfort upgrade for many riders. That’s topped off with a chic design and high-quality, robust finish that promises long-lasting riding fun.

Price: € 149.95 | Weight: 238 g (S/M), 248 g (M/L)