All Winner 2022 Urban


Additional safety in hectic city traffic without losing any style points – this is exactly what the EVOC COMMUTE A.I.R. PRO 18 backpack offers, combining revolutionary airbag technology with the LITESHIELD PLUS back protector. The airbag doesn’t replace a helmet, protecting the neck, shoulders and chest in an impact while your back is protected by the built-in protector. If you fall, the airbag inflates in a flash. In addition, the backpack has all the features needed for work and leisure: sensible organisation, a laptop sleeve and a compartment for a bottle. Even the topic of sustainability hasn’t been ignored. The bag is made from recycled polyester and the airbag is reusable, requiring only a new inflation cartridge – great! Thanks to the hip belt and ergonomic carrying system, the backpack sits well on the back. All this makes it a stylish companion for cyclists in the urban jungle, offering an enormous boost to safety and encouraging more people to dare to ride their bikes in the city.

Price: € 800–900 | Weight: 2,150 g