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FahrSicherung FahrSicher und FahrSicher+

With FahrSicher and FahrSicher+, FahrSicherung offers two extensive insurance packages the likes of which haven’t been available for bicycles on the German market. Regardless of whether it is a used cargo bike, commercial Pedelec or even a downhill rig: if it has wheels and a frame, you can have it insured. FahrSicherung goes far beyond the conventional scope of the protection offered by other insurers, not just including theft but also the wear and tear of all components for five years from the initial purchase date. They even cover the degradation of ebike batteries, which means that insuring your bike can be worthwhile even if you don’t damage it. Downhill rides can be covered quickly and without excessive red tape, though racing is excluded from their policy. The damage assessment gets carried out by experts from the bicycle industry and in the event of theft, the purchase price gets reimbursed without requiring you to buy a new bike. The jury’s verdict was unanimous: with FahrSicher and FahrSicher+ you can rest assured that you’ll be covered for all eventualities.

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