All Winner 2022 Gravel Bikes

Falkenjagd Aristos R

Falkenjagd reinterpret titanium with their pioneering Aristos R gravel bike. Traditional craftsmanship meets innovative 21st century manufacturing. The front and rear frame triangles are created entirely in a 3D printer. For this purpose, up to 5000 layers of titanium particles are applied per total print before they are painstakingly welded together at the seat tube. The resulting Aristos R impresses with a flowing design language that is unique for a titanium bike. The frame benefits from the durability of the material without any loss of performance. Even the titanium stem comes out of a 3D printer. It not only offers good vibration damping but ensures an unobstructed view of the cockpit thanks to its cable port. The Aristos R scores with a high degree of integration that is otherwise only found on modern carbon racing bikes. The jury is unanimous: there is no better way to enjoy titanium on gravel than with the Falkenjagd Aristos R.

Price: € 7,557 | Weight: 9.00 kg (size L)