All Winner 2023 Equipment (Offroad)

FIDLOCK HERMETIC hydration bladder

With its patented magnetic closure, the HERMETIC hydration bladder revolutionises the handling of hydration bladders. The FIDLOCK magnetic closure makes it easy to open and fill the bladder, and our jury was truly impressed when they stood at the tap for the first time. Simply pull apart the two bladder walls to open the magnetic closure, fill the bladder and fold down the two sides to allow the magnetic connectors to engage – no spillage, no leakage, nothing! The closure system is extremely practical, especially when you fill the bladder to the brim. The magnetic closure system also ensures a longer service life, because it allows FIDLOCK to dispense with the additional clamp many other manufacturers use, which can lead to the bladder material to wear faster and often results in leaks. Moreover, the transparent material and wide filling hole make it easy to clean the bladder, which also improves durability and hygiene.

Price: € 59.99
Weight: 168 g (1,5l), 187g (2,5l)