All Winner 2022 E-Mountainbikes

FLYER Uproc X 9.50

With the Uproc X 9.50, FLYER has cracked the formula for a modern climbing machine: thanks to the sophisticated geometry, the Uproc X positions the rider perfectly aboard the eMTB to tackle steep climbs. The powerful Panasonic GX Ultimate motor delivers 95 Nm of torque, ushering the FLYER up every mountain with ease. The smart automatic mode does an excellent job of regulating the motor output, offering sensitive and natural feeling assistance. Thanks to the large 750 Wh battery, you can be sure that you’ve got enough reserves available to scale even the highest peak. FLYER combine the innovative drive unit with the FIT 2.0 control system, providing all the connectivity and digital features you’d expect. Thanks to the display’s integrated navigation system, altimeter, inclinometer and weather warnings, you’ll never be left in the dark. The high-quality carbon frame rounds off the package, allowing you to remove the battery from the side and features top-notch integration for the Panasonic motor. Thanks to the MonkeyLink system, fitting the eMTB with mudguards and lights couldn’t be any easier.

Price: € 10,249 | Weight: 25.2 kg