FLYER Upstreet5 7.20 FIT

A veritable everyday hero, the FLYER Upstreet5 7.20 FIT is a prime example of a well-designed product that’s constructed to excel in the urban environment. The high-quality frame has a low top tube and very comfortable riding position. It’s driven by a powerful Panasonic motor which is controlled by an ergonomic remote lever. Thanks to the Swiss brand’s own FIT system (FLYER Intelligent Technology), the automatic mode means the motor is able to intuitively control the pedal-assist levels as well as modulate the power based on the range, even taking the rider’s heart rate into consideration. The large tires lend comfort and stability when you stray from the tarmac, unfazed by kerbs and the urban jungle. The superb package is topped off with a very thoughtful component selection, including lights with a high beam, a sturdy carrier, and mudguards.

Weight: 27.39 kg | Price: € 4,099 (+ € 400 battery upgrade)