All Winner 2020 Components (Offroad)


The GEMINI KÄSTOR is a high-end one-piece carbon bar/stem combo for trail bikes. The version we tested has an effective stem length of 30 mm and a bar width of 810 mm. In this configuration, it weighs an astoundingly low 231 g. The high-end Barcelon-based manufacturer tailors the carbon layup to provide efficient vibration damping, optimal strength and the necessary compliance. The carbon cockpit stands out thanks to its unique look, high-quality workmanship and superb trail performance. The innovative concept allows for super short effective stem lengths (down to 10 mm). It is available in 10 mm increments up to an effective 50 mm stem length. All KÄSTOR models are designed around a 7° backsweep, 5° upsweep and 20 mm rise as standard. If required, the bars can be cut to different widths, down to a minimum of 700 mm. Thanks to a special surface finish, the required clamping force is as low as 1.5 Nm and installation doesn’t require the use of assembly paste.

Weight: 231 g | Price: € 650