All Winner 2020 Components (Offroad)


The GEMINI PRÖPUS bar/stem combo is a high-quality, elegant piece of carbon jewellery for XC riders with a penchant for light components and unique looks. The PRÖPUS, convinced the jury with a high degree of stiffness on snappy sprints and great comfort on rough descents. The tube geometry has been designed to provide both compliance and stiffness, depending on the direction the bars are loaded. At just 161 g, the PRÖPUS is extraordinary light, considering that we’re talking about 740 mm wide handlebars with a 50 mm effective stem! PRÖPUS models with an effective stem length of 50, 60, 70 80 mm are manufactured with 0 mm rise, -12 mm height, 5° upsweep and 7° backsweep. You can choose also 90 and 100 mm stem length with -25mm offset. Thanks to a special surface finish, the required clamping force is as low as 1.5 Nm and installation doesn’t require the use of assembly paste.

Weight: 161 g | Price: € 650