All Winner 2020 Equipment (Offroad)

Giro Tyrant MIPS

The Giro Tyrant MIPS is a comfortable ‘trail-style’ helmet aimed at all trail riders and dirt jumpers who want to protect their head with an innovative safety concept, in style. The additional ear protector, the low-slung rear and the rotating shells were designed to provide optimal protection in the event of a crash. Whilst the outer shell is made of EPS foam to absorb the initial impact force, the middle layer is a lower density EPP foam which handles any residual forces. The third, internal layer is a MIPS Spherical system which mitigates the rotational forces during an impact. The Tyrant MIPS is well ventilated and can easily accommodate a pair of goggles under the adjustable visor. The helmet has a unique design, comfortable fit and is available in three different sizes and colours. Giro’s innovative ‘Full Cut’ design provides additional protection on the neck and ears, is compatible with both glasses and goggles and was developed for the progressive mountain biker with a penchant for style. The Tyrant MIPS impressed our jury members with its comfortable fit and high safety standard.

Weight: 624 g | Price: € 159.99