All Winner 2020 Technology & App

Goal Zero Lithium Yetis

Goal Zero’s smart Yeti battery station packs many clever features into a well thought-out concept. Whether you’re looking for an emergency generator or a utility battery for your campervan, the Yeti product family provides smart power for pretty much any imaginable application. The system is relatively light and can be configured with different sized batteries. To further extend the capacity, the 400–3000 Wh base stations can be connected to an additional (and optional) battery. With the integrated AC/USB/12V sockets, you can power up to 10 devices at once, from ebikes to small fridges, lamps, compressors, mobile phones, laptops, cameras and other electronic gadgets. Amongst the optional accessories, a folding solar panel allows you to charge the battery even in the most remote backcountry, where power sockets are a mere dream. Once you make it back to civilisation, you can quickly charge your battery by hooking up the station to up to three different power sources at once for a maximum input of 360 W. With this smart and well thought-out concept, Goal Zero fully convinced our award jury!

Weight: 1400 Wh Base Station: 22.4 kg | Mini light: 230 g | Solar panel (28 Watt): 11.9 kg | Price: from € 799 (1400-Wh base station)