All Winner 2023 E-Mountainbikes

Haibike LYKE CF SE

With the LYKE CF SE, Haibike have launched a Light-eMTB which, thanks to the innovative motor integration, has the potential to set a new benchmark in its category. With its striking yet discreet look, the LYKE CF SE successfully combines different stylistic elements, further blurring the lines between analogue and electric mountain bikes. What makes this audacious concept possible is the FAZUA Ride 60 motor, which was specially developed for Light-eMTBs and is neatly integrated into the beautifully shaped carbon seat tube of the LYKE CF SE. Moreover the motor is tilted upwards, allowing the battery to slide out of the end of the down tube, thereby keeping it intact and ensuring a slimmer and stiffer frame. While this might look like a small detail, it gives engineers plenty of freedom with the overall frame design. Together with the high quality components from renowned manufacturers like FOX and Race Face, the bike clearly has sporty ambitions.

Price: € 10,999
Weight: 18.7 kg