Haibike SDURO Nduro + eConnect

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Haibike SDURO Nduro + eConnect

Haibike are part of cycling’s technological avant-garde, a brand that manage to consistently stay ahead of the game. Ever since this German brand turned the Bosch motor upside down (and the entire cycling industry as a result), a lot has happened – and the SDURO Nduro is Haibike’s response to the ever-hotter competition. Its powerful Yamaha motor, revised geometry, and cohesive spec are testament to Haibike’s know-how, and the Nduro is firmly on the pulse of the times. The eConnect system is yet another pioneering approach and hints at what’s in store for riders in the future. Having worked alongside the German techno giant Telekom, Haibike have brought this E-MTB in sync with the digital world with multiple functions including displaying routes, deploying emergency calls in the event of a crash, or locating the bike if stolen. The list goes on, but suffice it to say that eConnect is an innovation that’s likely to be fundamental for better and smarter E-MTBs in the future.

Weight: 22.56 kg |
Price: € 5,999