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Hiplok 1000 Series

If you want uncompromising security for your bike, the Hiplok 1000 Series, which includes the DX1000 U-lock and the AX1000 pivoting arm with ground anchor, is the lock for you. Both the lock and the arm are strong enough to withstand an angle grinder. The U-lock is big enough to fit motorbikes, cargo bikes and larger framed e-bikes without the need for heavy, cumbersome chains, which don’t always offer the best level of security. Despite its impressive size, this lock is surprisingly easy to use and provides maximum security. The ground anchor can be mounted on either wall or floor, and its arm rotates 360° and swivels 180°, providing a wide range of security options. Whether it’s in your own home, a remote rental garage, a company parking lot, or even a dark alley in the city, the Hiplok 1000 Series provides security anywhere and sets a new gold standard in bike theft prevention.

Price: AX1000 ground anchor with pivoting arm: € 400; DX1000 U-lock: € 350
Weight: 2.6 kg (bike lock)