All Winner 2023 Equipment (Offroad)

iXS Flow XTG-Shirt

Meeting at 4, trail ride at 5? Not a problem with the iXS Flow XTG shirt! With their Japanese collar bike shirt, iXS bring their very own, very distinctive style to the bike world. Whether you’re mountain biking, gravelling or commuting to the office, the versatile Flow XTG shirt always makes you look good, even if your riding buddies drag you into a swanky cocktail bar for a quick post-ride margarita! While the shirt looks rather simple at first glance, upon closer inspection you’ll notice several clever details, like the sewn-in glasses cloth, the small zipper pocket on the chest, and popper buttons on the sleeves which also allow you to secure the rolled-up sleeves. The iXS shirt also nails it with the inner climate: the upper back is made of a perforated material which allows warm air to escape upwards while the poppers at the front let you regulate airflow.

Price: € 95.90
Weight: 230 g