All Winner 2022 Equipment (Offroad)

Kids Ride Shotgun – Shotgun Pro MTB child seat

The Shotgun Pro Child Seat from Kids Ride Shotgun transforms your solo bike rides into a family affair, allowing the littlest shredders to join in on the fun with the adults. The Shotgun Pro is the next evolution of the award-winning original Shotgun child seat, positioning the child behind the handlebar for a pure trail experience, so that young and old can share the joy of riding. Thanks to the ingenious mounting system between the steerer tube and seat post, the seat can be attached to every modern mountain bike without resting on the frame. It can be fitted, removed and swapped between bikes in just a few simple steps and without tools. That way your child can dip their toes safely into trail riding on flow trails and develop a passion for riding, while Mom and Dad take turns down the black trail in the bike park. When removed, all that stays on the bike is one inconspicuous mounting ring, of which the kit includes an extra set, so that you can easily swap between two bikes. The seat can be adjusted for children aged 2 to 5 years, and will strengthen family bonds through mountain biking.

Price: € 220 | Weight: 1,880 g