All Winner 2021 Equipment (Road)

Knog Cobber StVZO Rear Light

Knog’s Cobber rear light was able to convince us completely with its thought-through design. With its rounded shape, it doesn’t just fit seatposts perfectly but also shines with its excellent side-visibility which improves safety in traffic enormously. With up to 55 lumens output, it’s also very bright yet remains StVZO-compliant – brilliant! The Mid model has three different modes between 24 and 55 lumens to choose from and will last between 3 and 5.5 hours depending on the mode chosen. The jury also appreciated the integrated USB plug which can be plugged directly into a power adapter without a cable. The velcro strap lets the light be mounted quickly without tools and it sits securely on all seatpost and/or tubes with a diameter between 22 and 32 mm. The Knog Cobber rear light is waterproof, available in three different sizes and leaves no wishes unfulfilled!

Price: Mid € 69.99, Lil € 49.99 | Weight: Mid 46 g, Lil 22 g