All Winner 2020 Road Bikes


The LOOK 795 BLADE RS is a versatile racer for passionate hobby racers. While the clever two-in-one triathlon/aero-bike concept might help make room in your bike shed, the French racer stands out for its excellent vibration damping and superbly smooth ride. The seat post allows you to shift your position far forward and thus transfer the weight onto the front wheel, which in turn makes for precise and predictable handling in every situation. The adjustment range of the saddle offset even goes beyond current UCI regulations and makes the BLADE RS a true triathlon rocket. Across all available spec options, LOOK rely on Shimano DURA ACE Di2 components, including the rear-derailleur, cranks and brakes. The handmade carbon frame is streamlined and manufactured to the highest standards in LOOK’s Tunisian factory. With its 795 BLADE RS DURA ACE Di2, LOOK skilfully responds to the real-world needs of hobby racers and manages to impress the entire jury.

Weight: 7.92 kg (size L) | Price: € 6,799