All Winner 2023 Urban

mocci Smart Pedal Vehicle

With the Smart Pedal Vehicle, Mocci are pioneering a new generation of urban mobility. The smart ebike boasts the highest possible degree of integration and replaces a conventional chain or belt drivetrain with a generator, which emulates gears digitally and transmits the power and drive signal to the hub motor in the rear wheel. While still in its infancy, the newly introduced ride-by-wire technology provides a taste of what’s to come with features such as data monitoring and companion apps. Just as impressive is the manufacturer’s revolutionary approach to recycling and durability, which is solely meant to serve the sustainability cause: the frame and wheels are made of cast polyamide! While they’re fully recyclable, the efficient manufacturing process also helps reduce the number of serviceable components, i.e. wheels with spokes, and also enables local, easily scalable production, thus making the Mocci an innovative concept for the future – made in Germany, of course!

Price: from € 5,000
Weight: 35 kg