All Winner 2022 Urban

Mokumono Delta C

The Delta C is a charming and innovative e-commuter with which Mokumono are paving the way towards an independent European bike industry. This is made possible by a new manufacturing process for bicycle frames, pressing aluminium plates into shape and then welding them together. The result is an ebike that doesn’t just score with its unmistakable industrial look, but also in terms of ride comfort. The frame production takes place in the Netherlands and is highly automated with the help of robots. This minimises production errors and allows Mokumono to offer the Delta C at a fair price. The ebike is powered by an inconspicuous motor in the rear hub that can flex its muscles in the city. An integrated torque sensor automatically determines the required level of support and provides a natural riding experience. This intuitive concept makes gears superfluous. As a final touch, Mokumono can paint the frame in any colour you like, so you can make the Delta C truly unique.

Price: € 3,090 | Weight: 18.80 kg