Mondraker Dune Carbon XR

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Mondraker Dune Carbon XR

The Mondraker Dune Carbon XR is the definition of a bike designed and built for a purpose: to dominate enduro championships! Its fusion of unique and extreme geometry with the sublime Zero rear suspension and Fox X2 shock is uncompromising in its intent. It’s not a bike for the average rider, as the super-long dimensions mean the Dune needs both skill and speed to come alive – but if you are looking for a bike to take you to the limit and beyond, the Dune is it! This aggressive enduro race bike wins an award for defying convention to create a perfect example of a bike that takes it to the next level. Radically unique in its design and clear in its target market, the Mondraker Dune shows us the future of race bikes.

Price: € 8799
Weight: 13.14kg