All Winner 2023 Equipment (Offroad)

Mons Royale Virage Pants

The Virage Pants are Mons Royale’s first long, mixed pants for on and off the bike. In order to provide a stretchy fit without defaulting on their sustainability claims, the Kiwi Merino specialists mix the wool with polyester from recycled PET bottles and elastane. The 14% Merino content showcases its strengths, ensuring a high level of comfort and a pleasantly natural feel on the skin. If your mates are late for the ritual Sunday ride again, the Virage pants are cosy enough to hang around on the sofa for a little while. The temperature regulating properties of Merino wool make the Virage Pants a versatile all-rounder, maintaining a pleasantly cool inner climate in summer while also keeping out cold air in autumn and spring. Even if the pants are literally soaked with sweat, you can just hang them out to dry on the balcony, because Merino garments are naturally odour resistant, preventing unpleasant smells from spoiling a perfect weekend out with your friends and making them a great option for multi-day tours. Thank you Merino!

Price: € 170
Weight: 300 g (size XL)