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Moustache J Off

With the J Off, French manufacturer Moustache introduced a groundbreaking step-through off-road ebike that stands for local, innovative manufacturing. The frame is just as ingenious as it is simple and consists of two parts, the eponymous J-shaped main frame and a swingarm. This allows the French brand to cast the aluminium frame rather than welding together different tubes, a process that is carried out entirely in France. Despite its simple design, the J Off doesn’t give up comfort, with Moustache’s proprietary single pivot rear suspension ensuring a smooth ride. Using Moustache’s online configurator, you can customise the spec of your J Off to suit your needs and requirements, choosing from different options for the drivetrain, battery capacity, range extender and pannier rack. Ebiking can be so simple and yet so clever – Vive la France!

Price: from € 5,199
Weight: 32.2 kg in L