All Winner 2020 Equipment (Road)

Oakley Radar EV Advancer Road Black

Oakley’s Radar EV Advancer glasses with PRIZM Road Black lenses are extremely light, very stylish and feature an innovative system which puts an end to fogged up glasses. The PRIZM lenses increase contrast and detail regardless of external light conditions and thus ensure good visibility even in poor light. Even in the event of strong, sudden light changes, such as entering a tunnel, the Radar EV Advancer always ensures good visibility. Moreover, the Advancer lever pulls the lens slightly forward increasing ventilation and preventing the lenses from misting up – finally you don’t have to remove the glasses and clean the fogged up lenses every five minutes! The sporty design is very appealing and provide a secure, comfortable fit. The glasses only weigh 32 g.

Weight: 32 g | Price: € 192