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P.A.C Ocean Upcycling – Multifunctional scarf

P.A.C.’s innovative Ocean Upcycling multifunctional scarf underlines the importance of increasing the public’s awareness of waste prevention and recycling, in order to find innovative solutions for the pollution in our oceans. To produce their Ocean Upcycling products, P.A.C collect plastic from the oceans and process it into a yarn, which is then used to produce the fabric. The multifunctional scarf is comfortable, warm and doesn’t itch. And there are 20 different colour-patterns to choose from! The fabric is elastic, dries quickly and is manufactured to the highest standards. Moreover, the P.A.C is produced in Germany. With this innovative concept, anyone who buys a P.A.C Ocean Upcycling multitube is actively contributing to cleaning our oceans – and for just € 14.95!

Weight: 37 g | Price: € 14.95