All Winner 2024 Urban

Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit

The Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) revolutionises the ebike experience by integrating the gearbox and motor into one unit. Merging the proven Pinion gearbox with a mid-drive ebike motor eliminates the need for a conventional rear derailleur on an eMTB. This doesn’t just seal the drivetrain off, keeping out dirt and preventing damage, but also offers impressive durability and reduced maintenance. With a nominal torque output of 85 Nm, a weight of 4.1 kg, and a vast range of battery and display options, the MGU is a versatile option, suitable for a wide range of ebike models, from city commuters to eMTBs. The integrated Pinion gearbox offers up to 12 gears with a 600% gear range, improving shifting performance considerably compared to conventional derailleurs. By mating the motor and the gearbox, the shifting is precise and efficient. The Pinion MGU presents a pioneering solution for the future of the ebike market.

Weight: 4,100 g